2017 HQ Osborns Transport NSW State Series - Round Five Full Race Report:

21st and 22nd of October 2017, Wakefield Park Raceway


Wakefield Park looked very green and rejuvenated, a combination of recent rainfall and spring has transformed an often barren and dry track. This was to be the last NSW State round for 2017, and most importantly, this year’s champion would be crowned at this meet. Realistically three different drivers have the chance to become state Champion: Brett Osborn, Scott Walker and Duane Cambridge.


The weather for qualifying was perfect, mild dry conditions greeted the drivers and they wasted no time setting some fast laps. Osborn set the benchmark time, and it was not until the last lap of qualifying that 3-other driver lowered the mark. A returning John Baxter won pole from the ever-improving Chris Molle. The second row consisted of Jason Molle and Osborne while the third row was made up of Duane Cambridge and Matt Barker, championship rival Walker was seventh.


The format was to be one race on Saturday and two races Sunday. A great field of twenty cars commenced the first race with John Baxter making a brilliant start immediately building a gap to Chris Molle and Osborne. The story of the first race was to be Walkers miserable start. Walker virtually crawled during the first lap as his car was stuck in first gear, he eventually pitted and was able to rejoin the race one lap down. Up front Osborn dispatch Chris Molle and started chasing down John Baxter.


By mid-race distance the order was John Baxter with a small gap lead from Osborn and Chris Molle. The battle of the race was the skirmish between Barker, Jason Molle and Cambridge. These three drivers where locked together for the duration of the entire race. David Allan had a small off at the fish hook, he was able to rejoin losing only a couple of positions. Shaun Bolan had a much bigger off in the small back straight while he was dicing with the recovering Walker. Bolan rejoined at the back of the field with some substantial battle scars on the left-hand side of his car.


The unfortunate Darren Parker retired due to running out of fuel between turn two and three. Up front John Baxter controlled the race to finish in 1st position, Osborn came home 2nd while Chris Molle finished 3rd. Championship contenders Cambridge was 4th while Walker recovered to finish 22nd.


Race 2 was held during Sunday morning in similar condition to Saturday, Buckley borrowed an engine from the Baxter’s so he could front up on the grid.  Baxter continued his form and made a great start to head the field into turn 2, he was closely followed by Osborn and Chris Molle. Allen went wide at turn two touring on the outfield and young Andrew Baxter made a slight error at the top of the hill.


Glenn Deering had an off at turn 2 as John Baxter stretched his lead at front. Osborn currently in second was receiving plenty of pressure from Chris Molle and Jason Molle while Barker was dicing with Cambridge for fifth position. In the end John Baxter was the class of the field winning comfortably from Osborn and Jason Molle, a remarkable effort from a driver that hardly races.


Race 3 was run over a distance of 20 laps, a mini enduro for the HQ class; this time it was Osborn who made the faster start and was closely followed by John Baxter and the two Molle brothers. It was quickly evident that Osborn was holding Baxter at front and it only took the latter two laps to take over the lead.


Back in the field, battle packs where forming, Walker was having a great dice with Pedro Marusic, Canbridge, Buckley and Camilleri diced vigorously and Cameron Stewart and Adam Leach followed suit. Wayne Harrison had a spin at the top of the hill, he was able to rejoin only to retire a few laps later.


Up front John Baxter was pulling away from the new second placed car of Jason Molle who had just dispatched Osborne. At turn two Jessica Hepburn pulled over on the outfield and her car seemed to virtually stop, after a few seconds she found first gear and was able to rejoin the race and eventually finish.  The final result was John Baxter 1st, Jason Molle 2nd and the new 2017 HQ NSW Champion Brett Osborn 3rd.


Congratulation to Osborn, he was fast and consistent all year, a deserved champion, well done to Walker and Cambridge for keeping him honest all year, however the star of the weekend was John Baxter.


Race 1:

1: Car 81: John Baxter (NSW)

2: Car 1: Brett Osborn (NSW)

3: Car 23: Christopher Molle (NSW)


Race 2:

1: Car 81: John Baxter (NSW)

2: Car 1: Brett Osborn (NSW)

3: Car 32: Jason Molle (NSW)


Race 3:

1: Car 81: John Baxter (NSW)

2: Car 32: Jason Molle (NSW)

3: Car 1: Brett Osborn (NSW)



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2017 HQ Osborns Transport NSW State Series - Round Four Full Race Report:

12th & 13th August, Wakefield Park


Round 4 of the Osborns Transport NSW HQ State Championship was held at a very windy and cold Wakefield Park. A large field of HQ turned up including title contenders Scott Walker, Darren Osborn and Chris Molle.


Twenty four drivers came out to qualify during the Saturday morning in quite windy conditions. Osborne wasted no time setting his fasted lap to claim pole just ahead of Chris Molle. The second row was filled by Jason Molle and Duane Cambridge while the third row consisted of Chris Buckley and Scott Walker. Gordon Macleay was trying too hard and found himself in the gravel trap at the end of turn 2, this brought out the red flag ending qualifying.


Chris Molle beat Osborn into turn two for the start of the first race. Walker also made a great start gaining two positions during the first lap. As the race developed Osborn and C Molle diced for the lead, Cambridge kept them honest in 3rd while Jason Molle and Walker kept swapping positions for 4th. The unfortunate Peter Scott retired just after one lap.


Osborne maintained the pressure on Chris Molle for the initial three laps and eventually made it through to the lead. Cambridge Jason Molle and Walker battled for 3rd position. Glenn Deering, Stuart Lillie and Ian McLean had their own spirited battle happening midfield. The race had group of cars dicing right through the field making it a typical HQ event. In the end Osborn arrived home 1st just ahead of Chris Molle. Cambridge came home a strong 3rd.


In race 2 it was Osborne’s turn to make a great start, he was the leading car making up the hill for the first time just ahead of Chris Molle, Cambridge and Chris Molle. Chris Buckley had to start the race towards the back of the grid due to an engine power loss in the previous race. In the middle of the pack Darren Parker, Pedro Marusic and Cameron Stuart were racing together for most of the race with the occasional paint swap happening.


Up front Osborn was pulling away from Chris Molle when the latter started slowing down the main straight only to retire just after the pit exit to the side of the track. This promoted Jason Molle to 2nd place. Just as this retirement happened walker over took Cambridge for what was now 3rd position. The final result was another Osborne win from Jason Molle 2nd and Scott walker 3rd. Scott had another DNF to his name.


Race 3 was to be 20 laps long, a long way to go for the old HQ’s. The started held the field on the grid for seemed to be an eternity, Walker made a good getaway from the second row and as they arrived at turn 2 the order was Osborn, Walker, Cambridge and David Allan. As the field made it was around the top of the hill Nicholas Jackson and Anthony Camilleri had a small off into the infield relegating themselves to the back of the pack.


Osborn was in a class of his own, pulling away from Walker as the laps progressed, he seem to hit the same marks lap after lap……very similar to what he did at the nationals late 2016. Cambridge overtook Walker for second, however it was short lived with walker regaining the place. Jessica Hepburn had a spin at the fishhook and a few laps later she retire at the top of the hill, she was not the only one with Jackson, Jason Molle, Wolds, Lillie also joining the DNF list.


Cameron Stewart spun at the start of the straight missing the wall and somehow the cars behind him went past with no collision. He eventually found 1st gear a drove away losing many positions. In the end Osborn won comfortable making it a clean sweep. Walker arrive home second while Cambridge was 3rd.


Race 1:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 23: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Chris Molle (NSW)

3: Car 7: DTC TRANSPORT/TYREPOWER - Duane Cambridge (NSW)


Race 2:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 32: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Jason Molle (NSW)

3: Car 36: TYREPOWER/DTC TRANSPORT - Scott Walker (NSW)


Race 3:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 36: TYREPOWER/DTC TRANSPORT - Scott Walker (NSW)

3: Car 7: DTC TRANSPORT/TYREPOWER - Duane Cambridge (NSW)



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2017 HQ Osborns Transport NSW State Series - Round Three Full Race Report:

1st & 2nd July 2017, Sydney Motorsport Park


A very cold Sydney Motorsport Park greeted the HQ runners.  It was a chilly 2 degrees early Saturday morning and with a predicted top of 16 degrees for the day, the winter woollies sure did get a work out.


A healthy field of 25 cars rolled out from marshalling to put on some very fast laps in the pursuit of pole position. John Baxter and Brett Osborn ran most of the qualifying session in formation, each driver pushing the other for a better lap time. At the end of qualifying John Baxter claimed pole from his mate Brett Osborn. The second row consisted of the hard charging Glenn Deering and Chris Molle while the 3rd row was occupied by Scott Walker and Jason Molle.


It was a clean start by all for race 1 and it took little time for John Baxter and Osborne to show their dominance and build up a small gap from the pursuant. The dice for 3rd position was a four car affair, Jason Molle, Chris Molle, Glenn Deering & Scott Walker. In the heat of the battle Deering went wide at turn one, keeping his foot to the floor he powered along the grass missing all the foam braking markers only to re-join just before turn 2; without losing position.


Towards the back of the pack the cars of Chris Jackson and Andrew Tait were cruising at reduced speed sounding very rough, the latter eventually retired. Jeremy Blackford had a big lose at the fast turn 1, his car went through the gravel trap at high speed eventually stopping only meter away from the tyre wall. A few moment later the yellow HQ of Jessica Hepburn also spun in a similar spot but remained on the track. Luckily no one collected her and she was able to engage 1st and continues the race.


Blackford’s stricken car remained there till the end of the race and that is how they finished. The final result was John Baxter 1st, Brett Osborn 2nd and Chris Molle 3rd. The championship leader Walker finished a strong 4th.


Race 2 was held Sunday morning in cold sunny conditions and again it was a clean start with John Baxter and Osborn leading the way. They were closely followed by Jason Molle, Walker and Duane Cambridge. Paul Blackford went wide at turn 2 touring part of the corner on the grass verge with not much time lost. The unfortunate Chris Molle could not get his car going prior to the warm up and was forced to start from pit lane. As per the previous race the two leaders edge out in front leaving Jason Molle to dice with Walker for 3rd position.


During mid race Shaun Bolan hit the back of Pedro Marusic coming out of turn two, this caused Bolan to run slightly wide dropping valuable time. Not long after that incident Jack Harrison also went wide loosing time. As the battles raged mid pack the two leaders were pulling away and that is how they finished. John Baxter notched up is second win and was followed closely by Osborn. Jason Molle was a comfortable 3rd and Scott Walker finished 4th.


During the warm up lap prior to the start of the third race it was evident that Osborn’s car was leaking fluid at each turn of a corner, somehow it was fixed before the start of the race. The drivers behaved themselves again and all got away cleanly. The leading bunch maintained the form of the previous races with J Baxter and Osborn prevailing.


On lap 2 Gordon Macleay went off at turn 1 at high speed, once in the gravel trap he was stuck and the safety car came out to control the race. Unfortunately the trophy race was a bit of anticlimax as it took too long to retrieve the vehicle and the race finished behind the course car. The final result was John Baxter 1st, making it a perfect weekend with pole and 3 wins. Osborn finished 2nd (like the other 2 races and Jason Molle was 3rd. The championship is hotting up with 3 or 4 drivers in serious contention for the NSW state title.


Race 1:

1: Car 51: BAXTERS COACHES - John Baxter (NSW)

2: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

3: Car 23: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Chris Molle (NSW)


Race 2:

1: Car 51: BAXTERS COACHES - John Baxter (NSW)

2: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

3: Car 32: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Jason Molle (NSW)


Race 3:

1: Car 51: BAXTERS COACHES - John Baxter (NSW)

2: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

3: Car 32: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Jason Molle (NSW)



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2017 HQ Osborns Transport NSW State Series - Round Two Full Race Report:

27th May 2017, Sydney Motorsport Park


Sydney Motorsport Park hosted the second round of the 2017 HQ Osborns Transport NSW State Series. The weather was glorious for the last weekend of autumn and the conditions where perfect for racing. A large field of 26 HQ’s rolled up for qualifying in what was to be a crammed timetable for the entrants with Qualifying and 3 races all in one day.


The usual protagonist set the early pace in qualifying, Brett Osborn and John Baxter put down some respectable times in the first few laps. The surprise of qualifying was the two Molle boys, Chris and Jason. Both set fast times and where aiming for pole. It was only on the final and seventh lap of Qualifying that Osborne claimed pole from Chris Molle. The second row consisted of Duane Cambridge and John Baxter, Jason Molle was 5th while Scott walker was 6th.


As previously mentioned all 3 race were held during Saturday, so if any car hit mechanical problems in the first race, they would be hard pressed to get the car ready for the remainder of the day. One notable omission for race one was John Baxter who had quailed 4th, he was missing due to engine troubles.


Osborn made a brilliant start and was closely followed by Chris Molle and Cambridge. During the initial part of the race Cambridge and Chris Molle put on a lot of pressure on the leader, while Walker was not too far away in 4th position. By mid- race, Osborn and Chris Molle had built up a gap to the battle behind them; Cambridge, Walker, Jason Molle where in a spirited battle that only settled down towards the end. The unfortunate Pedro Marusic retired during the 4th lap, it was big effort on his part just to get the car ready for the meet after a big crash at Mount Panorama in April.


In the end Osborn edged out Chris Molle winning the race by a mere half a second. Walker got the better of Jason Molle and Cambridge to claim a strong 3rd and another big haul of points towards his championship chase. Chris Buckley finished 6th while Glenn Deering arrived home 7th. The drivers behaved themselves (for HQ standards) knowing there was not much time to get the car ready for following races.


In race 2 Osborn made another one of his great starts and was joined by Walker, Chris Molle, Jason Molle, Cambridge and Nicholas Jackson. By the second lap the leaders had broken up into two battles; Osborn, Walker and Chris Molle diced at the front while just behind them Buckley, Cambridge and Jason Molle formed another trio. Towards mid pack Darren parker in a striking new Blue and White livery slowed down to retire.


Paul Blackford lost control of his car between turn 1 and 2 at very high speed; his car turned sideways and skidded off into the outfield, he was very fortunate not to hit anything and eventually re-joined towards the rear of the pack. Meanwhile the leading trio swapped position and where never more than a car length apart. The final order was Osborn 1st, Chris Molle 2nd and Walker 3rd. Buckley edged out Cambridge for 4th while Jason Molle finished 6th.


The 3rd and final race was held during late Saturday afternoon in diminishing light. The drivers did not hold back and the start was more aggressive that the two previous ones. Chris Molle pounced and took an early lead from Walker and Osborn. Just behind the leading trio Buckley, Cambridge, Jason Molle and David Allan where fighting for racing room. The leaders pulled away from the rest and continued their day long battle throughout the race. At one stage Osborn went wide just after turn 1 and travelled at least 300 m along the grass parallel to the race track with no sign of lifting….he virtually re-joined the track without losing ground.


He was not the only one doing so, Deering also toured the grass without taking his foot off the loud pedal. He re-joined the race with a smile on his face and grass clippings along the racing line. Anthony Camilleri had a big moment coming towards turn two. His white and orange car violently turned left making heavy contact with the wall with the rear and again with the front left side. Sparks where clearly visible in the initial contact. Somehow he was eventually able to drive the car back under his own steam only to retire.


At the front Osborn was dicing for the lead when with one lap to go his car expired, he eventually coasted to a stop at the end of turn 1. Chris Molle was able to take the win just ahead of Walker, Cambridge edged out Buckley for 3rd.


Race 1:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 23: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Chris Molle (NSW)

3: Car 36: Tyrepower Gregory Hills/DTC Transport - Scott Walker (NSW)


Race 2:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 23: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Chris Molle (NSW)

3: Car 36: Tyrepower Gregory Hills/DTC Transport - Scott Walker (NSW)


Race 3:

1: Car 23: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Chris Molle (NSW)

2: Car 36: Tyrepower Gregory Hills/DTC Transport - Scott Walker (NSW)

3: Car 7 : DTC TRANSPORT/TYREPOWER INGLE - Duane Cambridge (NSW)



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HQ Holdens back at Bathurst on the Easter Weekend 2017:

It was great to see at almost 60 HQ Holdens back at Mt Panorama, Bathurst for the 6 Hours Race on the Easter Weekend. The field consisted of many of the best HQ teams from across the country. Click on the link below to view the results from the awesome weekend of racing.


Full Results for the 6 Hour Bathurst - Easter Weekend.


Visit the Gallery Page to see some images from the event - thank you to Riccardo Benvenuti for the pictures.



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2017 HQ Osborns Transport NSW State Series - Round One Full Race Report:

4th & 5th March 2017, Sydney Motorsport Park


It had been a long hot summer and finally the NSW motor racing season would kick off with the start of the NSW Motor Race Championship. The HQ Holden were ready to do battle once more for the State Championship at Sydney Motorsport Park. Leading up to this event Sydney was hit by bad weather, and it would continue throughout the weekend making conditions difficult for all comers.

The cars came out to qualify on Saturday morning in wet conditions and the presentation of all the HQ’s was second to none, a lot of work and effort over the summer. New paint jobs, new sponsors and a sense of anticipation in the air made it a great spectacle.


The defending State and National champion (National title held at Wakefield November 2016) continued his form from last year setting fast time from the onset. Scott Walker who was in his 2nd full season in the HQ’s was also setting some great times, and it was noticeable that in the damp conditions he was taking a different lines to all other runners. At the last turn (entry to the main straight) he was going much wider looking for dryer ground to great success claiming pole by a margin of half a second. On the front row beside Walker was Chris Buckley. The second row was occupied by Osborn and Chris Molle.


All the good work that Walker made to claim pole was to no avail after a bad start in race 1. Walker was passed by Buckley, Molle, Osborn and Glenn Deering by the time the cars arrived at turn two. Osborn wasted no time in claiming the lead and building a small gap from Deering, while behind him Walker got his rhythm back and started putting pressure on third positioned Molle.  A mid pack battle was brewing between Andrew Tait, Tristian Wolds, Darren Parker and David Allan. This dice continued for a few laps until Parker came unstuck at the high speed turn one only to find himself parked on the infield inches deep in mud. Somehow he was able to find reverse and extricate himself out of this situation to re-join the race towards the back.


Walker eventually passed Deering for position on the outside of turn two, a very brave move that paid dividends. Once clear of Deering, Walker started his attack on first position. Osborn used all his experience and skill to maintain position and claim the first victory of 2017.  Walker came home a strong 2nd while Deering finished 3rd.


Race 2 held on Sunday morning started in a dry track and the three drivers that finished on the podium in the first race were the leading bunch as they arrived at turn two. Walker and Osborn pulled away from the third place dice of Molle, Deering and Buckley. Then the rains came and the track became very slippery. Nick Jackson came unstuck in the conditions getting bogged in the outfield. The safety car came out so the marshals could retrieve his car safely.


Once the safety car pulled in the pits there was only two green laps of racing left. Osborn was able to withstand Walker’s pressure to claim another win. Walker tried gallantly to finish 2nd while Molle was 3rd.


Walker made a brilliant start in race 3 and he was closely followed by Osborn, Deering, Molle and Duane Cambridge. During the third lap Osborn had a small spin at turn 2 and subsequently this allowed Cambridge and Deering to sneak past. By following lap Walker had a healthy margin from Deering who in turn was in a tight battle with Cambridge and a recovering Osborn.


Many of the drivers had problem at turn 5 with track limits, Deering breached the track limit twice giving him a 5 second penalty and Cambridge breached 4 times and received a 15 second penalty. Oil was dropped just before turn 2 and this caught out a few drivers, Cameron Stuart and Mark Baxter amongst the spinning casualties.


 Osborn cleared Deering and set to catch Walker, and with one lap to go he was nearly a second adrift from first place. As the two cars came around the last corner Osborn was in Walker’s slip stream, and that was enough to get Osborn to cross line by a mere 0.02 of a second. Osborn was a jubilant winner while Walker would have to wait again for his first win, with this form it should not be too far away. Cambridge finished 3rd, however he was relegated to 4th due to the penalty.


The Boys and Girls produced some great racing and celebrated in style. As they came around on the cool down lap, some guys where too heavy on the loud pedal trying to drift around turn 2. Cambridge spun and was soon followed by Adam Leach ……… all in good fun.


Congratulations to Osborn with three wins from as many starts, a great way to start his defense of the title.


Race 1:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 36: Tyrepower Gregory Hills/DTC Transport - Scott Walker (NSW)

3: Car 5:  IGUTTER - Glenn Deering (NSW)


Race 2:

1: Car 1: OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 36: Tyrepower Gregory Hills/DTC Transport - Scott Walker (NSW)

3: Car 23: COMMAND DIGITAL SIGNAGE - Chris Molle (NSW)


Race 3:

1: Car 1  OSBORNS TRANSPORT - Brett Osborn (NSW)

2: Car 36: Tyrepower Gregory Hills/DTC Transport - Scott Walker (NSW)

3: Car 5 : IGUTTER - Glenn Deering (NSW)


On a side note: I was listening to the 2 way radio during race 3 when the marshal at turn 2 radios a message to the race secretary, and it went like this:

Flag marshal: "Just reporting that a car has dropped a bundle of oil just before turn 2 on the racing line."

Race Secretary: "Copy that, did you see the car that did it?"

Long silence over the radio…and then the Flag marshal responds: "I believe it was a HQ………"


What would we do without the Volunteers?


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Don't Forget to Attend the First HQ NSW General Meeting for 2017:

The date and venue for the first HQ Racing NSW General Meeting for 2017 has been finalised:


Date: 7th February, 2017

Time: 7:30pm Sharp

Venue: ARDC Suite 3

Address: Sydney Motorsport Park


We would love to see you all there.

Congratulations to the HQ NSW Executive Committee for 2017:

Thanks to our members that came to the AGM on the 8th of November, 2016.

The new Committee has been voted in:


President: Duane Cambridge

Vice President: John Baxter

Secretary: Glenn Miller

Treasurer: Tanya Cambridge JP

Race Secretary: Chris Buckley

Cams Delegate: Chris Buckley

Membership Officer: Glenn Miller


If any members have any suggestion on the direction of our club please don't hesitate to contact any of the committee.

The next general meeting will be  Tuesday 7th of February 2017 - venue TBA.


Duane Cambridge


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Bathurst 2017 Expression of Interest:

It is that time of the year where planning/preparations are starting for Bathurst 2017 and if last year’s interest levels were anything to go by it should be jam packed again so make sure you get in early to give yourselves the best chance of getting a start at the iconic “Mount Panorama” next Easter 2017.


As explained last year with regards to the criteria for a start at the “Mountain” there are many aspects to consider but if it comes down to it “first in best dressed” will still carry great importance!


Click Here to download the ‘Expression of Interest’ document for Bathurst 2017 so get it done if you want to be there!