About Us


What is HQ Racing?


In NSW, in the past few years, the Holden HQ category has enjoyed a revival. Our membership has averaged around 40 per year, some drivers have been around a while, some have returned to the category after being absent for years and other younger drivers were not even born when these cars were new. The HQ category has the largest number of families competing in NSW, with many fathers, sons and brothers racing together on a regular basis. The club has a very good camaraderie, with people pitching in to repair cars of their fellow competitors, to help them get back onto the track for the next race.


History of HQ Racing:


The category started off in Tasmania in 1989. A group of ex-racers and others who wanted to get into racing, but were put off by the costs, got together to come up with a class of racing that was affordable and exciting. They wanted a car that was readily available, easy to work on and inexpensive to buy and maintain. The car that fitted the bill was the Holden HQ. The category quickly spread to the rest of Australia and it still maintains its’ popularity more than 20 years later.


To keep the category even, strict regulations were set down regarding the cars. All cars must be Holden HQ four door sedans with the 3.3 litre (202 cubic inch) six cylinder engine and some limited modifications. These include changes to the carburetor, distributor, head and camshaft. The standard three speed manual gearbox and standard differential are used. To keep things under control, seals are put on the engine, gearbox and differential by authorised sealers in each state.


The result. Action packed door to door racing that is always guaranteed to entertain.